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Overview[edit | edit source]

Shifting allows the player to transfer crafting bonuses from one item to another. Through this system, players can retain the benefits of their older weapons when new weapons become available and desired.

To shift items, speak to Master Producer <Midas> in Northeastern Port of Winds. He requires certain items and gold. Many of the required items can be produced through learned Professions, or by purchasing them from other players via Market System.

Success Chances[edit | edit source]

Success rates depend on the type of shifting being done, and if the player has applied any success rate-modifying items. The exact rate of success will be displayed on the interface where the player may gauge before proceeding with the shifting.

Any shifting that fails is subject to loss of items and/or bonuses. Players can protect themselves from this risk by applying Insurance, which can be manufactured through Production, or purchased from other players.

Shifting Types[edit | edit source]

Enchant Shift[edit | edit source]

Shifting a weapon

Enchant Shifting will attempt to transfer the enchant bonus from one item to another. The player will need a number of Enchant Marbles appropriate to the level of the item shifted, reagent dust appropriate to the type of item shifted, and gold.

Several possibilities lay in successful transfer (See image):

  • Clean transfer with no extra bonus
  • Transfer with loss of 1 enchant
  • Transfer with loss of 2 enchant
  • Transfer with gain of 1 enchant
  • Transfer with gain of 2 enchant

If the shifting fails, the original item will lose its enchant bonus. To protect this risk, the player must provide an Enchant Shift Insurance Scroll. Note that Insurance will not protect Enchant Marbles from being consumed upon failure.


  • The item to be shifted must be +5 or above.
  • Soul Craft bonuses will NOT transfer.
  • The original item will still retain its Soul Craft bonuses after successful shifting.

Soulcraft Shift[edit | edit source]

Soulcraft shifting is divided into two sections:

Extract[edit | edit source]


Extracting an item of its Soul Force will transfer its Soul grade and bonuses into a capsule.

To extract, players will need to provide an armor or weapon with a soul grade of Advanced or higher, and an appropriate level of Soul Extractor item which can be manufactured through Production or purchased on the market.

The success rate of this process is always 100%, regardless of the item type or level. Once the item has been extracted, it will have a Soul Force of 0 and no bonuses.


  • The capsule obtained will be restricted to its armor/weapon type and level range. A player cannot extract bonuses from a Necklace and transfer them to a Shoe, or cannot extract bonuses from a level 1 item and transfer them to a level 50 item. The capsule's description will inform the player of the item and level restrictions it will have.

Inject[edit | edit source]


Injecting takes a capsule obtained from extracting and attempts to transfer the Soul Grade and bonuses in that capsule to an item provide by the player.

To inject, the player must provide a capsule, an item appropriate to the restrictions of the capsule, and gold. To increase the success rate of transfer, the player may opt to apply Soul Shift Enhancers (which can be manufactured through Production). A number of Enhancers may be applied, however not infinite.

Upon success, the capsule is consumed and the item will now contain the Soul Craft enchant grade and bonuses that the capsule had contained.

Upon failure the capsule will be destroyed, although the player may chose to use a Soul Shift Insurance Scroll to prevent the capsule from being consumed upon failure.

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